Minolta Creative Expansion Cards (1988 - 1997): Unlocking New Possibilities for Your Camera
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Minolta Creative Expansion Cards are powerful accessories that can take your photography to new heights by expanding the capabilities of your Minolta camera. These innovative cards provide additional functions and features, allowing you to explore creative techniques and enhance your photographic vision. The Creative Expansion Card system was introduced by Minolta in 1988 for use with 7000i series of 35mm film SLR cameras, and was used in several subsequent series of Minolta SLR camera.

Minolta 9
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The Minolta 9 is an auto-focus 35mm SLR film camera made by Minolta. It is known as the Maxxum 9 in the USA, Dynax 9 in Europe, and Ξ±-9 in Japan. Has a Minolta A-type (Sony A-type) bayonet lens mount, supporting a multitude of auto-focus lenses. To support the most recent SSM lenses the camera requires an upgrade (no longer available). The camera build is robust, with rubberized and weatherproof controls.