Sony A77 cue sheet
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Hard Reset Procedure Remove the battery. Remove the memory card. Turn ON the camera. Press the MENU, PLAYBACK and MOVIE buttons simultaneously. While pressing these buttons, turn OFF the camera. Release your fingers, and wait over 30 seconds. Press the MENU, PLAYBACK and MOVIE buttons simultaneously again. While pressing these buttons, now turn ON the camera. Release your fingers.

Harman Phoenix 200 new C45 colour film
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Harman Photo, the company that manufactures Ilford-brand film, has announced a new colour film, the Harman Phoenix 200. The first ever colour film imagined, created, and manufactured from the Harman Factory in the United Kingdom! Why Harman Phoenix 200 is different HARMAN Phoenix 200 is an experimental C41 colour film and the first ever made by HARMAN Photo. As such it has characteristics that make this very different to the more traditional, established C41 colour negatives films.

Sony and Minolta Cameras Flash Sync Speed
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Sony and Minolta cameras flash sync speed. What is flash sync speed A camera’s flash sync speed, often referred to as the “x-sync speed” is the fastest shutter speed at which the camera’s sensor or film is fully exposed when the flash fires. It represents the maximum shutter speed that can be used with an external flash unit while ensuring that the entire image is properly illuminated by the flash. Beyond this sync speed, part of the frame may be obstructed by the closing shutter curtain, resulting in an uneven or partially dark image.

Minolta A Accessories
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Lens Cases Product Number UPC Reference Description 6550-511 UPC: 74301-8 LH-1011 Lens case for 50/1.4, 50/1.7, 28/2.8 6564-511 UPC: 74302-3 LH-1012 Lens case for 50/2.8 Macro 6556-511 UPC: 74303-0 LH-1013 Lens case for 135/2.

Flash review: Sony A99II
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Alright, buckle up for my Sony A99II review! Hold on tight, ‘cause we’re about to have some fun with this beast! Let me tell ya, it’s a bit like meeting a superhero in the photography world. It’s big, bold, and it means business. This camera ain’t messin’ around, folks. It’s got all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a top-notch camera, and then some. It’s like Sony went, “Let’s make a camera that can do everything, and then let’s add even more!

Flash review: Sony A7
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So, I got my hands on the Sony A7, and let me tell ya, it’s like a sleek little gadget from the future. I mean, it’s so small and lightweight, it’s like Sony took a camera and put it on a diet. But don’t be fooled by its size, this bad boy is packing some serious tech under the hood. Now, the autofocus on this thing is pretty sharp. It locks on to your subject faster than you can say “cheese!

Film Photography in a Digital World: Embracing the Analog Renaissance
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In today’s fast-paced digital age, where high-resolution images and instant sharing dominate the photography landscape, film photography continues to captivate a growing community of enthusiasts. While the convenience and accessibility of digital photography cannot be denied, film photography offers a unique and immersive experience that has found its place in our increasingly digital world. Embracing the Tangibility One of the undeniable charms of film photography lies in the tangible nature of the medium.

Minolta film emulsions
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Here is a list of some popular 35mm film emulsions produced by Minolta: Minolta SR-100X: A black and white film known for its fine grain and excellent tonal range. Minolta VX: A color negative film that delivers vibrant and natural colors with good contrast. Minolta Centuria: A versatile color negative film with balanced tones and moderate grain. Minolta Superia: A consumer-grade color negative film offering good color reproduction and fine grain.

Minolta SR-mount film cameras
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Minolta SR-mount film cameras were iconic photographic tools that contributed significantly to the world of film photography. These cameras, known for their solid construction and exceptional image quality, became highly sought after by both enthusiasts and professionals. Models like the Minolta SRT 101 and X-700 featured manual exposure controls and a wide range of compatible lenses, offering creative flexibility to photographers. The SR-mount cameras were renowned for their reliable light metering systems and accurate exposure readings.

Exploring the Versatile Accessories for Minolta SR Film Cameras
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Minolta SR film cameras, known for their exceptional build quality and excellent optics, were accompanied by a wide range of accessories that enhanced their functionality and creative capabilities. These accessories, designed specifically for the SR-mount system, offered photographers various options to expand their shooting possibilities and achieve stunning results. In this article, we will delve into some of the noteworthy accessories available for Minolta SR film cameras and explore how they contributed to the overall photographic experience.

Minolta A-mount digital cameras
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Minolta A-mount digital cameras were a series of innovative devices that revolutionized digital photography. Built on the foundation of their successful film cameras, these digital counterparts offered exceptional image quality and advanced features. Models like the Dynax 7D and the later Sony Alpha series showcased the power of A-mount technology. These cameras boasted high-resolution sensors, efficient autofocus systems, and a vast array of compatible lenses. With their ergonomic designs and intuitive controls, Minolta A-mount digital cameras provided a seamless shooting experience.

Minolta A-mount film cameras
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Minolta A-mount film cameras were a series of legendary photographic tools that left an indelible mark in the film photography world. With robust build quality and exceptional optics, they offered professional-level features and versatility. The flagship models, such as the Maxxum 9 and 7, boasted advanced autofocus systems and reliable metering for precise exposures. Their compatibility with a wide range of high-quality A-mount lenses made them popular among enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Manual focus with digital cameras
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A short tip in case you’re using a digital camera - mirrorless or similar - with an adapter to mount a manual focus lens. The common way to perform manual focus with mirrorless cameras is to use focus peaking and focus magnification. This approach gives mixed results, as the focus peaking highlighs hides the image details while focusing, sometimes becoming visualy too intrusive and blocking the subject. The alternative way is to set the camera JPG sharpness to the maximum available value.