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Minolta 9

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The Minolta 9 is an auto-focus 35mm SLR film camera made by Minolta. It is known as the Maxxum 9 in the USA, Dynax 9 in Europe, and α-9 in Japan.

Minolta Alpha 9 with vertical grip

Has a Minolta A-type (Sony A-type) bayonet lens mount, supporting a multitude of auto-focus lenses. To support the most recent SSM lenses the camera requires an upgrade (no longer available).
The camera build is robust, with rubberized and weatherproof controls. Later version models include the rare 9Ti build with a titanium body, but functionally the same.
The camera has a focal plane shutter running from 30s - 1/12000s, with flash synch at 1/300s. The camera has a built-in flash.


Characteristics Description
Camera Type 35mm SLR with built - in flash, autoexposure (AE), and multi - dimensional predictive autofocus (AF)
Lens Mount Minolta A - type bayonet mount
Film Type 35 mm film
Eye - start Automation AF and AE automatically activated/deactivated by combination of eyepiece and grip sensors. Eye - start is turned on/off by eye - start switch.
AF Sensitivity EV -1 to 18 (at ISO 100)
Shutter Type Electronically-controlled, vertical-transverse, focal-plane type
Shutter Speeds 30 sec. - 1/1200 sec., bulb
Flash sync speed 1/300 or slower (synchronizes with all speeds in HSS mode)
AF Modes Single - shot, Continuous, Automatic autofocus mode
AF Sensitivity Range EV -1 to 18 (at ISO 100)
AF Illuminator Built - in 3 - beam LED; automatically activated in low - light/low - contrast situations; range: 0.7 - 7 m (based on Konica Minolta's test methods with standard 50mm lens)
Focus Area Wide focus area
Data Memory Stores photographic data of up to 7 rolls of 36 exposures on aperture, lens focal length, exposure compensation/exposure bracketing increments, shutter speed, flash compensation/flash bracketing increments (including flash on/off status), exposure mode, and metering mode.
Power Two CR123A lithium batteries
Dimensions (WxHxD) 155 x 111 x 75 mm
Weight 945 g (w/o camera battery)

Focusing Screens

Product Number Focusing Screens Description
8236-100 Focusing Screen 9 G for Minolta 9 Spherical Acute Matte Standard Focusing Screen
8236-200 Focusing Screen 9 S for Minolta 9 Spherical Acute Matte Focusing Screen with scales with axes and adjustment graduation
8236-300 Focusing Screen 9 L for Minolta 9 Spherical Acute Matte Focusing Screen with grid with three horizontal and five vertical lines
8236-400 Focusing Screen 9 M for Minolta 9 Super Spherical, more granular ground glass for easier manual focusing
8236-500 Focusing Screen 9 MII for Minolta 9 Super Spherical with particularly special grainy screen for easier focusing with very fast lenses
8236-600 Focusing Screen 9 ML for Minolta 9 Super Spherical a combinatination of M and L screens

Vertical Grips

Product Number Reference Description
? VC-9M Vertical Control grip for Dynax/Maxxum/Alpha 9/9Ti (Magnesium alloy). Uses either one 2CR5, two CR123A or four AA batteries. Comes with HS-1.
8788-101 VC-9 Vertical Control grip for Dynax/Maxxum/Alpha 9/9Ti. Uses either one 2CR5, four AA or two CR123A batteries. Comes with HS-1.


Product Number Reference Description
6098-540 CS-9M Camera Soft Case for Dynax/Maxxum/Alpha 9/9Ti
6098-530 CS-9S Camera Soft Case for Dynax/Maxxum/Alpha 9/9Ti

Other Accessories

Product Number Reference Description
8789-101 DM-9 Date Memory Back - can store exposure data for up to 400 rolls of 36 exposure film on a 2MB SmartMedia card. The saved data can be displayed in the data panel or on your home compute. Can also imprint aperture/shutter speed data, frame count, film ID, the date, or the time of exposure in between frames.
8790-100 QD-9 Quartz Date Back - record the time or date in the lower right-hand corner of each frame
6098-710 WS-2 Wide Strap Set
6098-730 HS-1 Holding Strap
8699-130 CR-123A Lithium Battery
8233-700 EC-9 Eyepiece
60806-700 SC-9 Accessory Shoe Cap
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