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Minolta film emulsions

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Here is a list of some popular 35mm film emulsions produced by Minolta:

  • Minolta SR-100X: A black and white film known for its fine grain and excellent tonal range.
  • Minolta VX: A color negative film that delivers vibrant and natural colors with good contrast.
  • Minolta Centuria: A versatile color negative film with balanced tones and moderate grain.
  • Minolta Superia: A consumer-grade color negative film offering good color reproduction and fine grain.
  • Minolta Maxxum: A color negative film designed specifically for use with Minolta Maxxum cameras, known for accurate colors and sharpness.
  • Minolta RPN: A specialized high-speed black and white film suitable for low-light and action photography.
  • Minolta Chrome: A slide film (also known as reversal film) with vibrant colors and high contrast, producing positive images directly.

Please note that Minolta, like many other film manufacturers, has discontinued the production of film emulsions, and the availability of these films may vary. It’s always a good idea to check with reputable film retailers or online sources for the latest information on film stocks.

Black and White Films

  1. Minolta Panatomic-X
  2. Minolta Super XX
  3. Minolta SR-100X
  4. Minolta RPX 100
  5. Minolta RPX 400
  6. Minolta RPX 800
  7. Minolta P3200

Color Negative Films

  1. Minolta XNP 100
  2. Minolta XNP 200
  3. Minolta XNP 400
  4. Minolta Centuria 100
  5. Minolta Centuria 200
  6. Minolta Centuria 400
  7. Minolta Centuria 800
  8. Minolta Centuria Super 200
  9. Minolta Centuria Super 400
  10. Minolta Centuria Super 800
  11. Minolta Superia 100
  12. Minolta Superia 200
  13. Minolta Superia 400
  14. Minolta Superia 800
  15. Minolta Superia HG 1600

Color Slide Films (Reversal Films)

  1. Minolta Chrome 100
  2. Minolta Chrome 200
  3. Minolta Chrome 400
  4. Minolta Chrome 800
  5. Minolta Chrome X 100
  6. Minolta Chrome X 400
  7. Minolta Chrome X 800
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